samedi 18 février 2012

Pour ou contre le casque ?

Je ne vais jamais à vélo sans casque, mais le statistiques démontrent que celui-ci a peu ou pas d'effets sur la survie des cyclistes !

Une étude des données de transport Canada par statistiques Canada le démontre.  Je vous fais part des conclusions de cette étude.

Un point qui n'est pas abordé, c'est l'effet du casque sur la gravité des blessures:

It is apparent that mass helmet use is not contributing to the reduction in cyclist fatalities, at least not in any measurable way. The results suggest that traffic authorities should refocus to put their efforts into other proven measures. Programs aimed at motorist behaviour over the past 20 or so years have been effective in reducing fatalities among all road user groups, including pedestrians and cyclists. Pressure on aggressive drivers to change their habits should continue. However, targetting the behaviour of only one of the parties would be short sighted. Cyclist-specific measures are also needed. There are two important factors in cycling fatalities which currently get insufficient attention - cyclist behaviour and night lighting equipment. The vast majority of cycling accidents involve cyclist error or inappropriate practices. That includes collisions with motor vehicles [5]. Educational efforts to improve cyclists' skills should be accorded a high priority. School age children are the obvious target group. Responsible behaviour patterns need to be adopted at an early age.
The corollary is stricter enforcement of bicycle night lighting laws. Over 90% of bicycles involved in night time fatalities have inadequate lighting [6]. Violaters increase their risks of being fatality statistics by a factor of four [7]. Data from Ontario show 20% to 30% of fatalities occur at dusk or during the hours of darkness [7-9]. 

En clair:

Le casque: peu d'effet sur les décès à vélo;
Sensibiliser les usager, cyclistes et automobilistes: beaucoup d'effet bénéfiques;
2 facteurs importants: comportement des cyclistes et éclairage de nuit.

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Cyclist Fatality Trends in Canada - Helmet Effect Undetectable in Fatality Trends